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For those involved in scheduling you understand the monumental task that takes place over the summer. For those who are not directly involved, I want to provide some background into the process, so that when parents ask you about their kids schedule during the summer you can feel more comfortable discussing the issue.

In November, Department Chairs look at course offerings to see if new offerings are going to be made or if some classes will be dropped. From this a menu of class options is created.

In general kids meet with counselors in Mid winter and spring to discuss their upcoming schedules, at least in the middle and high school. There are not a lot of options in either case but their are multiple classes that kids can take to satisfy requirements. These requests are entered into the computer.

Then based on these requests, and the maximum number of students per class a raw set of "sections required" is generated. Example: 3 sections of Math 7, 6 Section of Global II, etc. Since there is not an unlimited number of teachers and periods in a day. discussions about how many sections can actually be scheduled. take place. This information fed into Power School Scheduler. And through thousands of trial and error runs in the computer a Master Schedule begins to take shape.

In the elementary a similar process is done just not in the computer, since these kids move mostly in large class groups. Assignments of students to classes are based on a number of factors including some parent and teacher suggestions, along with other behavioral information.

Once the basic master schedule is created the hard work starts. About 80% of the schedule is done. But now we have to fit in student services. We have our Special education staff who are assigned to work with particular students who now must be added into the scheduling mix. This inevitably requires movements of kids from one section to another, either to match their schedule with a service provider, or to make room in a section to allow for the connection between special ed student and special ed teacher.

Finally there are students whose schedule change after the Summer School rounds of exams take place. If a student passes a summer regents it may mean that they have to be scheduled into a different class.

So any suggestion that Schedules that are found during the summer, are not real, until September. Parents need to be aware that every effort is made to satisfy requests of Students Teachers and Parents but the reality is that not every single request can be met. and there are going to be changes and moves that take place over the summer while we work at meeting those requests. It is not a simple job but our Guidance and administrative staff put in many, many hours trying to get everything to fit perfectly within the constraints of Time and Personnel.

So when confronted by parents about schedules over the summer, please let them know that until September all schedules are in flux, for Student and Teachers alike and when they are officially released they will be as perfect as can humanly be created.

No Schedule Seen on Face Book over the summer is real.

Mark Tech Support

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