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Score Sheet and Score Sheet Report

The Score Sheet in the grade book provides a running average for the term selected.

If Q1 or M1 is selected as the current term then the first column next to the student name will be the running average for the student, for that term.

If Y1 is selected then the first colum contains the students current grade in the course for that year.

External Image

If you are not seeing the current grade the column may not be sized properly.

Manuever the nouse between the columns until the double arrorw appears then click and drag the coulms to resize.

(Must be in the column headings to get the double resize arrows)

There is a score sheet report that can give you a quick print out of all of the kids curent term grades

External Image

These setting will produce one sheet per class with each student and all of their term gradess listed.

In case you need a hard copy.

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