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Microsoft Word has a builtin readability tool that uses Flesch Kincaid Grade Level and Flesch Reading Ease.

The chart below is adapted from a larger chart comparing multiple readability tools to create a conversion system. We have included only the Flesch-Kincaid tool since it is built into word.

Lexile conversion chart

If you use a particular reading level measure, this chart will help you see how Lexiles compare.

There are many reading level measures available to analyze texts. Since each measure looks at slightly different elements of a reading, no two measures are exactly alike. However, by analyzing the readings in each measure and taking the averages, trends emerge.

The readings in the Reading Level Diagnostics are grouped by Lexile Level (600-690, 700-790, etc). These readings have been analyzed by seven additional reading level measures (using Readability Plus™ software). The results of this analysis are summarized below. This data makes it clear that as the Lexile level of a reading increases, its reading level in other measures increases as well.

__Lexile__ __# of Readings__ __Lexile Average__ __FLESCH Reading Ease__ __FLESCH Grade Level__

Adapted from

Turning On Readability in Word

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