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Final Grade Setup

Who: Final Grade Setup is done by Tech Suport

From: District Calendar

Defines: Start and End of All Marking Periods and Exam Due Dates


The year (Y1) is broken down into Semesters (S1 and S2) in the midde school and High School. The dates are based on the January Regents Schedule. <br>


Y1 Has a Number of Marking Periods and two terms for test recording

External Image

Y1 defines the entire school Year from Beginning to End

External Image

Each Marking Period fits within the year term

External Image

Marking Periods Generally end on a Friday and the Start of the next is on the following Monday.

Terms E1 and R1 are required to Isolate Final Exams into two categories Regents and Local

Every term must consist of a start date and end date which can not be the same day. So 4 days have to be set aside for exams.

If January Exams Start on a Monday

Monday /Tuesday /Wednesday /Thursday /
R1 StartR1 EndE1 StartE1 End
S1 Ends

So the M4 has to end before R1 Starts because there can not be any overlap in dates.

For a Year Long Class

M1 Start /M1 End //M2 Start /M2 End //M3 Start /M3 End //M4 Start /M4 End //M5 Start /M5 End //M6 Start /M6 End //M7 Start /M7 End //M8 Start /M8 End //R1 Start /R1 End //E1 Start /E1 End //

A completed grade setup for the High School

External Image

A Complete Grade Setup for Middle School

External Image

A Complete Grade setup for the Elementary School

External Image

In the teachers Grade Books (High School Year Long) it is dsiplayed as below

External Image

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