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Read 180 Rollover

Use the Manage Student Promotions Tool in the Same Client under Rosters (District)

This will put all students in Inactive State and Clear all Current Rosters

In a blank notepad page copy and past the school names and the All grade level Class names (ex AllGrade3SRI) You will paste these into the Import file later

Download the Import template from SAM (District Roster Page Lower Right Box)

Use the List function for one of the schools

Arrange the Fields to Match the Import Template CSV file

Select All the Kids and List

Copy and Paste Special as text only into the Template

Visually scan for and correct the following

In the School Field Add the Appropriate School Name from the Notepad page created above

In the Class Field Add the Class Name for the Given Grade Level

Save to Desktop

Go back to the Import Page in SAM and Select the File and Click Next

Use the Add Student and Classes Option and Click Next (or Finish)

When Completed the Students Should appear in the appropriate classes

Go to Each Class and Manage Enrollments and the Reading Inventory for all students.

Then Build Individual classes as needed

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