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The Summer List

These are a few of the big items on the Summer List for the Computer Side of Tech Support

This does not include the upgrades, installs and repairs and configuration changes to the AV side of Tech Support

  1. Remove 200 Old Computer from Classrooms - Done
  2. Install 200 New Computers and Monitors - 322 Monitors & Computers in classrooms
  3. Relocate approximately 100 other LCD Monitors - Done
  4. Build 2 new Computer Based Testing Labs (25 Machines Each) 211 Middle school in progress K9 Elementary In Progress
  5. Disassemble and Clean 900+ Computers - Done
  6. Re image about 1000 computers for a clean start - IN Progress 1100+ Done
  7. Install and Connect 19 New LCD Projectors - Projectors Installed, pointed and focused
  8. Install and configure 19 Interactive Pen units - "Tagged and ready for installation"
  9. Install handicapped accessible smart Board - In house not yet unpacked
  10. Set up 250 print stations - In Progress
  11. Replace 25-30 old printers - A waiting final placement - High School Done
  12. Set up additional Wireless Access Points - Port ready for I wing
  13. Configure new I-Pads - In House waiting for I tunes Configuration
  14. Configure New Nook Tablets - Done
  15. Connect and Configure 10+ New Large Screen classroom displays - Displays are up, finishing cable clean up
  16. Install new cable interfaces for LCD Projectors New and existing
  17. Move Phones for teachers moving from room to room. - In progress
  18. Provide assistance for people taking on new Tasks -
  19. Upgrading Software -
  20. Rollover Read 180 and SRI - Done
  21. Building Read 180 and SRI Classes Done
  22. Setting up New Read 180 locations - In Progress
  23. Updating AR for grades 7 and 8 -
  24. New Library System Integration - Installed and ready, librarian final training next week
  25. Rollover of Power School - Done
  26. Updating 30+ Servers - In Progress
  27. Additional Training for computer Backup System
  28. Configuring Google Apps for Education - Initial Staff Set Up Done
  29. Providing training for Google Sites - IN Progress
  30. Providing support for outside presenters Done
  31. Rollover of Pearson Success Net
  32. Uploading new Rosters for ... AR / Castle Learning / Success Net /
  33. Power School Configuration Changes for State Reporting, Attendance.
  34. Kindergarten Report Card Reconfiguration
  35. Ordering Supplies for Start of School Year
  36. Solving problems on the fly as needed.
  37. New AV Server Set up. - In progress
  38. Update Photos on Power School
  39. Completely test every computer in the district prior to the First day of School

Posted at Jun 21/2013 02:11PM:
burly: Doesn't look like much. JUST. KIDDING.

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