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Changes [Oct 01, 2018]

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Roster Verification

Link to the Verification Sign in

Start with login here

External Image

If you can not remember your username Click on the "I forgot my username" link

External Image

Enter the NY teach ID

This is your personal number in the system. Building Secretaries have this code.

External Image

At this point you have the correct username for your account

You should be able to go back to the initial screen and enter the correct user name and password

External Image

But if you do not have the correct password ...

you should click on I forgot my password

External Image

Using the correct username you got previously

External Image

The system will ask you a security question

I do not know what this screen looks like. but it is looking for an answer to the security question.

If you can not correctly answer the security question, you will have to have the account deleted.

Please contact Debbie Schomske at

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