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Posted at Feb 26/2013 11:51AM:
mark: Thank you for taking the time to post comments.

Posted at Feb 26/2013 03:31PM:
Karen: This seems to be a fantastic tool. I would want to be sure that students could access all parts of the program at home as well as at school.

Posted at Feb 28/2013 10:34AM:
mark: I think once the students have a login they should have access anywhere.

Posted at Mar 01/2013 11:33AM:
Susan Sampson: I think this could be very helpful for students and teachers. I see that a competing research tool is NoodleTools ( I think it would be wise to do a comparison and analysis of which is most user friendly, comprehensive and cost effective.

Posted at Mar 06/2013 03:56PM:
Mark: At first glance these two tools look identicle. They have the same research tools, and generate the same reports. I wonder if they are using the same open source program underneath.

Posted at Mar 07/2013 11:29AM:
bdejonge: I like the analysis tools that EasyBib provides. The pie charts really help give a feel for how reliable your sources might be. I didn't realize that EasyBib had all these features for subscribers. I also notices that the NoodleTools allows users to share projects, this could be great for collaboration!

Posted at Mar 07/2013 02:19PM:
Della: I have taken a look at both tools and I really like the user friendliness of EasyBib. The features seem to be easier to navigate and the option for collaboration and peer reviewed exists. I also like that EasyBib offers a more credible website for students that have been evaluated for content and reliability. It also connects to Google Docs. So many of the kids are already use to using the FREE version that a transition to full use I think would be easy.

Posted at Mar 13/2013 11:02AM:
mark: The noodle tools and Easy bib are very similar in price. What kind of training are we looking at to bring this on board.

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