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Standards Based Grading for Kindergarten

Staring the grade book

Log into power school as you would to take attendance

Click on the Arrow next to grade book. To start the Gradebook Program

External Image

Answer Yes to any dialog boxes.

In the grade book Click on the current Kindergarten Reading Class

External Image

In the Categories pane

Click the (+) and create a Category for Standards with a 3 point maxium score

External Image

Locate the Grade Set up tab and click

External Image

Make note of the start date for each quarter Q1 - Q4 (These will be the due dates for the assignments)

Click on the Scoresheet Tab

Click on (+) in the Assignment Panel

External Image

This brings up the assignment panel.

Enter the Name (Quater 1, Quarter 2 ....) Abbreviation Q1 Q2 ...

Set the category to Standards

Set the Due date to the corresponding date ...

Click Save

External Image

Repeat for each quarter.

Assigning Standards for each Assignment

Open the Assignment

Click on the standards Tab

Place a Check next to the Assignment to be included in the quarter.

External Image

Click Save

In the assignment Panel at the top of the score sheet Click on the STD Arrow to expand the standards

External Image

In the boxes next to the childs name place the grades (1 to 3) only.

External Image

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