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SLO WorkSheet

Location H: Drive

External Image

Open 14_15_Pre_PostTest_Data.xlsx

Enter You Name In Blue Box

List Your SLO Classes In Second Blue Box

Save File Using File Save (Do not rename)

External Image

Collecting Rosters From Grade Book

Open Power School Grade Book

  1. Select Class
  2. Select Rosters Tab
  3. Double Click on Student Rosters
  4. Select Export
  5. Select Name and Number
  6. Click Run Report

External Image

Select Open

External Image

Make Sure it says Open in Excel

External Image

You Should See a spread sheet Like the one Below

External Image

Hi-light the Cells with Names and Numbers

External Image

Type CTRL-C or Right Click on the Blue and Select Copy

Switch to the SLO Spread Sheet by Hovering Over the Excel Icon at bottom of screen

And Selecting the sheet from the pop up

Doing a Perfect Paste into the Spreadsheet

  1. Click on the Name cell where you want5 to start the paste
  2. Click on the down triangle under the paste clipboard Icon
  3. Select the 123 Icon for Paste values Only

External Image

Enter Your Name

Enter the Corse Name(s)

and do a File Save

Spread Sheet Ready for Scores

External Image

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