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SLO Rosters from Gradebook

Follow the direction on the Image Below

External Image

When the dialog box appears you should be able to open the report directly in Excel

External Image

When the file opens you will select just the student names and numbers by "clicking and dragging"

until all the names and numbers are highlighted

note that the first name on the list remains un-highlighted by default, but it is part of the set.

External Image

At this point you can use your favorite method to Copy, 'ctrl-c' or 'Click on the Icon Below the scissors'

Then Open your 2015 2016 Pre Post Test spread sheet

Start by Clicking on the cell where you want the names to start appearing

Then use the Paste Special Option by CLick on the little down arrow below the Paste Icon

By Selecting Values Only ( The one with just the 123 on the clip board) you can preserve the formatting of the new sheet.

External Image

The names and student numbers should appear on the spread sheet

After Each Paste use the Disk icon to save the file.

External Image

Once all of the names are in the spread sheet you can begin to fill in the scores. If a child was not preset then leave the score field Blank it will be ignored.

I recommend that you print a hard copy for yourself. remember to set the print area first before printing.

When its time to add the Post test Scores simply add exam scores for the kids,

You can add students to the bottom of a list but you can not insert rows.

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