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Taking Attendance

Please note that Internet Explorer sometimes does not display the attendace page correctly.

If the page does not look correct you can try Firefox or Contact the help desk for assistance

Log into Power Teacher

click on the first chair next to the appropriate class name

External Image

You should see three areas Attendance Code , List of students and Submit Button

External Image

The set the attendance code (above the student list) to AU Using the Pull Down

External Image

Once the code is set you can take attendace by clicking in the empty boxes next to the student names

External Image

click on the empty box next to the students and the code is copied to that student

do not click on present students, leave then blank

External Image

Then click submit once all attendance is taken.

External Image

If you need to change the code later (but in the same day) you can click on the pulldown next to the child's name and select a more appropriate code.

If the Chair is Dark then attendance needs to be taken for that day, If the chair is light then you can not take attendacnce that day.

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