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Board of Education Meeting Minutes

In A Searchable Format

Step 1

Log on to the FTP server just as you would for Downloading the Board Packets

Step 2

Click on the BOARD OF ED. MINUTES 2002 ON pdf Link

External Image

Step 3

Open the Searchable Minutes File

Note: it may take a few minutes for the file to load completely.

This file contains the last ten years of meeting minutes arranged by Date

External Image

Search the Document

Adobe Reader 10

Once the document is open, you can open the search tools by moving the mouse to the bottom of the window to reveal the tool bar

Click on the Adobe ICON for Advanced tools

They should appear on the left side of the screen

External Image

External Image


Use the Whole Word option when searching for a key word that might be part of another word...

Without the whole word option, searching for bus would find bus, buses, as well as business, etc.

External Image

As the program finds the word a list of links appears

Click on the link to jump to that page in the document.

External Image

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