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Praising the process not the results

Getting the correct Mindset

Why some kids crumble under the pressure

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Posted at Oct 28/2011 04:08PM:
Mark: From "To the Best of Our Knowledge"

Posted at Oct 30/2011 10:03AM:
eric christiansen: very interesting discussion. We should praise children's success by pointing out their efforts or their ingenuity. Praising their "smarts" or their "abilities" leaves them feeling like their success and/or failure is due to qualities that are fixed and unchangeable. Seems like common sense. But I must admit I make that mistake myself frequently. Having listened to this a few days ago, I've already started changing the way I give praise, both to students and to my own children!

Posted at Oct 30/2011 11:01AM:
ben dejonge: I found the part about pushing students outside their comfort zones interesting; the notion that doing so causes new pathways to form in their brains, actually "making them smarter." I wonder how often we actually do push students... and giving them scads of bookwork or words to memorize does NOT count as "pushing" I would argue.

Posted at Oct 31/2011 10:21AM:
susan preston: I love the idea that failure is an important part of sucess." We have an entire generation who has not been permitted to fail because of self-esteem issues...they do not know how to deal with failure and very much have a "fixed mindset". Years of passionate deliberate behavior (dedication), complete with rising above set backs with resilience and being pushed out of a comfort zone, leads to success. Education and parenting has to change!

Posted at Oct 31/2011 03:57PM:
Dana Martin: "Failure is part of growth" was a lesson it took me a long time to learn (as a "perfectionist" who didn't always embrace certain challenges for fear of failure.) And it is now what I battle consistently in AIS. So many kids don't engage in a challenge, or they crumble to anger or tears when they don't succeed with minimal time and effort. I find myself constantly reminding them that they didn't begin walking, talking, or anything that comes naturally now, without failure upon failure early on. Reading, writing, & math, all require process and are uncomfortable at times. But success will happen if the mindset is right. It may not make us Michael Jordan or Albert Einstein, but at least we will stretch and reach new levels... and maybe even be humbled by the fact that not everything is easy for us, and we need help... And like Eric, I need to make sure that I am encouraging my students and children in what they do, and not just tossing about praise words. Like Ben, I also think that what we sometimes resort to in school is far from real, meaningful pushing...

Posted at Oct 31/2011 08:57PM:
mark: I enjoyed that clip and agree with it. Every teacher should listen to it. HOW you praise a child determines how they learn, your wording is important. It's easy to say good job, but noticing that a child has kept at a task or used interesting ways to work out a problem can be more productive. (posted from email)

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