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PDF Printing Hints and Tips

The new Elementary Reading Program uses a large number of PDF Documents. Some are stored on our servers, others are stored on the web.

In either case, some caution needs to be taken when printing PDF Documents.

The Printer ICON either at the top of the page in Adobe Reader 9, or the bottom of the page in Adobe Reader 10. Will print the entire document, External Image

which in some cases is several hundred pages!!!

If you accidently hit the printer ICON then ...

External Image

  1. Remove the paper fom the printer or Pull out the paper feed drawer slightly
  2. turn off the printer or Unplug the printer power cord
  3. on the print station go to printers and faxes and cancel the current print jobs
  4. Shut down the print station
  5. Wait 30 seconds
  6. Re start the Print station
  7. Reload the paper
  8. Restart the printer

Printing specific Pages from a giant PDF book

When you click on a PDF link the document is loaded to your computer if it is a large document wait until it is fully loaded.

A Message box at the bottom of the screen will indicate how much more has to load.

Once the document is fully loaded, scroll to the page you wich to print

Right Click on the page you want and select the item print...

In the dialog bx check off the print current page only

External Image

The dialog box may vary depending on the printer type in your room but this option should always be there some where on the page.

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