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M-86 Web Filter Appliance

The District's new M86 web filter is now filtering at a minimum level for all users in the district using the Proxy server at .

How it Works

  1. You make a request to the internet
  2. The M-86 sees your request go out
  3. It checks your request against its filter profile
  4. If there is no violation it ignores your request
  5. If there is a violation it sends a Cancel request as if it was you.
  6. Then sends you a message

The Messages

The following is a blocked page message

External Image


Clicking Click Here Will bring up the by pass page shown below

External Image

Under no circumstances should you give your by pass username and password to students.

This will generate a popup page that tells the filter to use a secondary filter list allowing You tube

External Image

The Following is a Warning Page these sites are typically bandwidth hogs and time wasters. Use of these sites should be kept to a minimum.

They should also be used only after normal school hours only.

External Image

Changing the Filter

Key Word Blocks

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