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Paperless Board of Education Meetings

Required Downloads

  1. Fire Fox Web Browser
  2. Adobe Reader

The run the firefox browser and install Adobe Reader from Fire Fox

Copy and Paste the FTP address from the email provided by Sharon Lang

Then Press enter

You will see a dilog box asking for a username and password.

enter the username and password provided by Sharon.

For security reasons passwords are provided by the district and are not changeable by the user.

As you are working in the site you may be asked to re enter your user name and password. This is typically due to the connection going to "sleep".


Why do we need the FTP:// ?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is required because the file server is using that protocol to transfer the documents to you.
We are using it because it requires a password and user name.

Can I use an FTP Client to Log In?

Yes you can use an FTP client, there are several free clients available
For the access you have (Read Only) A client is not needed.

I lost my password, what do I do?

Sharon Lang is the keeper of passwords. If you have lost yours or think someone else has access
contact Sharonand she will contact tech support and she will email the new password.
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