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Regents Examination Comments

We are asking that All teachers of Regents Exam courses add a comment under Term R1 for All Students in thier classes

This process takes less than a minute per class and will greatly help keep our record keeping up to date.

The Process

  1. change to the R1 Term
  2. right click on the students R1 Final Grade ( it is just a line before the assignment/exam score is entered) and select score inspector
  3. Change to the comment tab
  4. Double click on the correct Regents Exam Comment
  5. Use the Arrow keys to move to the next student and repeat Step 4

Since all of the students are getting the same comment the process is lightning FAST !

One last step...

If a student was a "no show" or "dq" from the exam please go back and add no show or dq to the end of the comment manually,
this will greatly help Guidance when the student says he took an exam and he has no grade.
just click in the comment box and type to add the comment

See diagram Below

External Image

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