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Moving Marking Period Grades

When a student is moved, mid year from one class to another, the prior marking period grades need to be moved in order for the final course grade to be correct. In the picture below we see the first two marking period grades of the dropped section and the partial grade of the third marking period, in this case one quiz grade of 100. Then we see the new class with the final grade of the third marking period (45).

External Image

The current teachers grade book needs the Q1 and Q2 grades added to the student. This is done by a manual override for those marking periods. If the student has just been moved from one section to another section with the same teacher the final grades are available in the teachers grade book under dropped students in the old class. They can be manually added to the new class.

If the student is moved from one teacher to another teacher then the new teacher has to lookup the grades using power teachers. Use the backpack icon to do a "Quick Lookup" for the student. The "Quick Lookup" screen has a link at the bottom to show dropped classes. You will have to write down the marking period grades that need to be moved.

External Image

The process of adding the marking period grades involves go to the students new class and selecting the marking period you wich to add using the current marking period pull down at the top of the score sheet. Then right click on the flat line in the "Final grade" column. And selecting score inspector. Click on the manual overide box Then add the grade and the percent. Both scores must match.

Manual Override

Once these grades are in place the final course grade should calculate properly using all of the marking period grades.

The process is not difficult, but because it happens infrequently, do not hesitate to call if you wish tech support to walk you through the procedure. You have to be in your gradebook while on the phone.

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