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Testing Tables for Image Holding

Getting Started

* To start you must create a google account
* Create A New Account Here (You can use your school email, or your home email if you wish)
* Follow the instructions on page listed below
* After you have an account you can go to Sites under the more menuExternal Image
* Click on the Create New SiteExternal Image
* Select Blank TemplateExternal Image
* Enter the Name of Your Site (We Recommend you "Teacher Name" Like MrVanacore)
* You may want to write down the URL shown in the box under your site name (You can copy and paste it later)External Image
* The Click on the + box to choose a theme (Choose a simple theme, it will be easier to modify)
* Scroll down to the bottom of the page Type in the code wordExternal Image
* Click the Create Site Button

You now have a Web Site

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