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Acceptable Use Policy Draft

Introduction and Purpose

(1) The Albion School District Board of Education supports and supplies an information-technology environment for faculty, staff, and students. This information technology environment is to be used to promote educational excellence through the exchange of information as it relates to our District vision - “A Community School of Excellence, A Model for All!” Any and all use of District provided technologies must be for legitimate school business including: record keeping, professional communication, instruction, and research/publication related to said instruction. The District's Mission Statement, “Achievement, Character and Success for Life...ACS,” not only relates to the essential purpose of the provided technologies, it provides a framework for the responsible use of it. Faculty, staff, and students must be certain their use of technology promotes their academic achievement, demonstrates strong personal ethics, and focuses on future success.  The District's code of conduct applies to the technology environment just as it applies in all school settings.

District Provided Equipment, Services and Support

(2) In support of the District’s Mission, resources such as hardware, software, various digital tools, as well as web-based resources, will be made available to users. A process for requesting additional technology resources will be available to ensure that requests are treated equitably and within the limits of the budget.

(3) Furthermore, on-going support will be provided. This support will include training for district provided resources through a variety of means, which may include: vendor training, technical support training, peer training, student led training, as well as independent study. A process for requesting additional training will be provided.

(4) In support of open and efficient communication, the district will provide staff with an email account. The expectations concerning its use and restrictions will be defined by administrative regulation. Under certain circumstances, and with the approval of a building level administrator, students may be given a school email account for use directly related to instruction.

(5) The use of personal digital technologies, along with technical support for non district owned technology, may be limited because of licensing, compatibility and possible threats to network security.  Access to the internet, with personal digital equipment through the district’s ISP, will only be allowed where authentication and filtering can be verified. This includes all wi-fi and directly connected devices. Any such connections are made at the risk of the owner of the equipment.

Responsibility for Limited Resources


(6) The district offers and encourages the use of technology for educational purposes. It does, however, reserve the right to establish reasonable restrictions on the use of technology and internet access. These restrictions will be based on appropriate state and federal laws for the protection of students. Further restrictions may be placed on access to protect the stability of the network and the security of the data it contains. Other restrictions may be placed on district technology users to ensure that fair access to limited resources can be granted.

(7) The establishment of rules and regulations is left to the district administrative team under the supervision of the superintendent. The core belief being that respect and responsibility applies to all aspects of our educational system, including technology. It is expected that all users will be respectful of the rules and regulations placed upon them with the understanding that the use of technology is a privilege and not a right.    

Role of Personal Digital Equipment

(8) The District supports learning as a pathway to developing student leaders within the school in preparation for leadership roles that each student will assume beyond commencement.  As such, the district also recognizes the growing role of technology in education as well as the workplace.  To that end, students and faculty who have access to personal digital equipment will be provided opportunities to use those tools to advance academic achievement in the classroom and beyond. Personal digital equipment may include, but is not limited to, cell phones, MP3 Players, digital cameras, etc.   Student use of personal devices may be permitted when all of the following conditions are met.

1) Teacher has obtained permission of the building administrator.

2) Teacher has completed training in the supervision of students using personal digital equipment.

3) Completion of Techno-etiquette class by the student and his/her parent or guardian.

Since the use of personal digital equipment is voluntary, the School District is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal equipment. 

Cloud Computing

(9) As high speed internet access begins to redefine network boundaries and the use of external web spaces becomes more prevalent, the district recognizes the need to provide training and support to teachers and students on the appropriate use of Wikis, Blogs and other collaborative internet tools. Guidelines concerning the use of internet spaces will be developed to ensure that such tools are used in accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values of the district.  

Posted at Jun 14/2010 10:00AM:
benjamin: Any and all use of District provided technologies must be for legitimate school business including (but not limited to): record keeping, professional communication, instruction, and research/publication related to said instruction.

Posted at Jun 21/2010 01:45PM:
wayne: I am sure there is something someone will find, but I think it looks good - this may be getting away from policy and into rules/guidelines, but perhaps when personal digital equipment is used, teachers may want to keep a log of when and why the equipment was being used...i.e. a log of some sort - On 3/25/2011, I asked students with cell phones to post something on the school's twitter page during class time.

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