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Changes [Feb 18, 2018]

Smart School Bond A...
IPPhone Switch HPE
Samsung Camera Setup
Multiple Nics on Se...
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Changes [Feb 18, 2018]: Smart School Bond A..., Home, Switches, IPPhone Switch HPE, ... MORE

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End of Marking Period Changes

The Process

Why the change?

All grades are kept in two places Historical tables and teacher grade book. The Historical tables are, as the name implies, a permanent record of students grades. The grade book is where current grade calculations take place. If the grade book is not kept upto date future grades in a class will be in error. If the Historical grades are not kept up to date Honors, Awards and Credit will not be correct. So both locations must be kept current. There is no way for Guidance to know if you make a change in your grade book, so you have to let them know.

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