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Using Google sites to Store Online Content

Megan McDonald have been using Google Sites as a replacement for Edline's ability to store Links and content. Google sites is Quite easy to use and it has many template designs.

Megan's site can be seen here:

Storing worksheets for easy access by students

Files in google sites can be stored as attachments to Site pages. It is just like adding an email attachment. Once documents are attached, students can download the pages from anywhere. Unit assignment pages can be built and all handouts can be attached through that page.

Connecting Power Teacher Assignments to Google Sites

In power school grade book, links can be added to assignment descriptions that directly link students to the pages were your documents can be found. The process is very simple.

The whole process can be learned in one or two after school sessions.

If you would like to set up a time please contact the Help desk by email

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