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Upgrade Notes 12/12/2009

Upgrade to PS v6.0.1.6

completed by Mark Vanacore

backed up server using windows backup dod not copy any hidden folders wich is about half of the data on the C: drive D: drive, where the power school data is was backed up. Tried an ARS backup but after the 28 gigs was copied to the backup location the machine relaized that it had no floppy disk and could not complete the backup process. I'll delete the backups at the end of next week.

Followed procedure as outlines in Installation PDF Step 3 Install Oracle Installer was already done.

Placed the Reports Works folder on D: Drive d:\ReportWorks

step 15 Finished Had to close the installer

Launch power school had to identify the .dd4 file d:/powerschoolpremier/data/active (not c:)

step 20 manually restart tomcat was not required the service was restarted.

The Last Steps were missing from the manual

21. Copy the images and scripts file to the albion web server.

Original location: Powerschool d:\powerschoolpremier\system\server\resources\web_root\

folders: images, scripts

New Location: AlbionWeb c:\inetpub\wwwroot\psimages\

folders images, scripts (just overwrite existing)

Update to 6.1

1/9/2010 by m.vanacore

started with an Oracle weekly Backup (Instructions on Server) <5min performed a microsoft backup of both C and D drive to Web server (about 2 hours total) redundant backup

Installed New Oracle Jobs Installer 1.3.x

Installer did not ask about report works. Installed during last upgrade. Started and Stopped Tomcat as instructued

job finish at 12:57 (approximately 10min in duration)

I created an upgrade folder in third drawer of software file cabinet for Upgrade sheets.

Update to

Ran a MS Backup to web server Drives C and D and system State

Copied files to C:\Vanacore folder

Updated Jobs Installer to 1.4.x

Ran Update

Installed New Scheduling engine, not sure what this will do to Danny's workstation, but I will have to update his machine.

The installation asked is I wanted to over write the previous installation, I said Yes. (Unexpected questions)

Everything seems to be working at this point.

Posted at Dec 12/2009 08:12PM:
Mark: Upgrade was actually quite easy, fully automatic more or less.

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