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Rounding Issues

Some teachers have noticed a rounding issue in Power School, I'll include a fix and an explanation here.

Fix :

In Grade Book :

Tools > Preferences

under Grading tab

Middle of screen Store calculated grades with up to ___ decimal places

should be set to Zero

click OK

Then under Tools > Recalculate Final Scores

This should correct the problem, I would check all classes to make sure it works.

Thanks to Mr. Bemont for testing this fix

Explanation :

Some schools use Letter Grades ABCDF. There is a translation from a numeric grade to a letter grade using a grade scale. In Schools with numeric grades there is still a translation from a number to a "letter/text" grade. Instead of 5 slots (A,B,C,D,F) with predetermined cut points, our grade scale has 101 spots with 101 cut points 0,1,2,3,... 98,99,100. So the grade is niether truncated nor rounded, it is translated to a "letter" that shows up on the report card. Sounds crazy, I know but, it works as long as the numeric grade is always a whole number.

A Students report card grade will never show more than 100, but the grade book will keep a score over one hundred and use that score when calculating the final average.

Hope this helps clear up the issue.

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Page last modified by Mark Tue Sep 17/2013 04:21
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