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Swapping Students

A student was dropped from my 3rd period class and added to my 4th, what do I do?

Don't Panic

The Student is now in the dropped students list for period 3 and you need to get a list of assignments printed for that student.

Log into Power Teacher

Launch the Grade Book

Select the class from which the student was dropped (Top Left Panel)

Click the triangle next to the word dropped in the Student Groups panel (Middle Left)

Click on the dropped student you need to get grades for.

Click on the Reports tab (Top panel far right)

Click on Individual student report

In the Settings box for the Individual Student Report

Check the right box on the Students line ( )Selected Group and/or Students

Check all the boxes on the Inlcude line

On the Date Range Line Select All

Then Click Run Report

Now go to the new class for the students

You can then add the grades for the new student to this class.

There is no way to simply cut and past a student from one grade book to another at this time.

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