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Changes [Jul 11, 2019]: Power School Access..., TechSupport, Setting Up Voice Ma..., New Phone FAQ's, ... MORE

Find Pages

This Forum is made up of a collection of individual web pages. Unlike a normal web site though, you can quickly and easily change any page in this Forum, or create your own pages, right from your web browser!

Because everyone else in your group can do this too, this makes it easy to create and share information with each other. Use the forum to coordinate work, share files, discuss issues, collect information, and much more.

Finding your way around

You can navigate between pages like with any other web site, or search for pages containing specific information using the "Find" box. Nearby, you can also see which pages in this Forum have recently changed, so you can quickly find the "hot areas" where people have been working.

Posting Comments

To post a comment, click on the "Post" button near the top of each page, or click in the "Post your comments" area at the bottom of each page. Enter your comments and press the "Post" button at the bottom.

Your comments will automatically be added to the end of the page.

Editing Pages

Each page on this Forum has a button near the top labelled "Edit". Clicking on that button will let you change the contents of the page, adding your own information, fixing up other peoples' mistakes, and so on.

You don't need to know anything fancy to edit pages - just start typing! There's some examples at the bottom of the editing form showing you how you can type in things like web pages addresses and have them show up as links.

To create your own pages (rather than changing an existing one), click on the "New Page" link near the comments area.

There's more help about editing on the Editing Hints page.

Group Projects

Not only does each group have this main Forum where everyone in the group can share information, but you can also have separate Forums for smaller group projects or any other uses. This lets you work but keep things separate from the main Forum. Click the "Projects" link to find the list of projects, or create new ones.

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