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Special Instructions for setting up Grade Book for MST Sciecne Courses

Introduction: The MST Gradebook Setup refers to Term and Category Weighting Issues. These have been set in the past by the department so these instructions are based on agreed upon percentages.

The 40 week MST consists of 8 Term Grades 5% each, 40% Presentation, 10% Display Materials 10% Summary Paper

To Accomplish this set up in the Power School Grade Book

enter Grade Book in the categories pane (lower left side) add the following categories

click on MST Class Top Left Pane

On the Bottom of the screen Click on radio button Term Weights The terms will be listed with 100 in all of the weight column

External Image

Above the weight window

Note: E1 is a special term created to hold local final exams. In this case we are using the term to hold the final parts of the MST project. The Final term will contain the presentation, display and summary grades.

In the Weighting window

setting Category weights

External Image

You now have the weight correct. In the Score sheet Under the E1 term you have to add three assignments.

sample assignment below

External Image

Add the appropriate grade out of 100 points for each assignment

The final grade for Y1 will have the correct weighting as listed above.

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