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Gwava Message Restriction Digest 

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Beacuse parents can email directly from their home email accounts there will be some parents who will be filtered out. As a result we have set up a special function in the email for all staff.

You will begin to see an email from the POSTMASTER with a subject line GWAVA Message Restriction Digest. This message contains a set of links to release emails that have been trapped, by the filter. It may be that none of those messages are important in which case you can ignore the entire list. You can delete the message if there is nothing there important. If an email looks like it is from a parent, you can click on the Release button on the right of the message you want to see. In a minute or two the message will appear in your in box.

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The number of Postmaster messages you recieve will depend on the amount of SPAM you get that is filtered. In tech I get the message digest normally 6 times a day.

If you are getting a parent email in the digest you can email the email address of the sender to the help desk and we can fix the filter so that it comes to you directly and not through the Postmaster Message.

Some Hints and Tips

1) You do not have to, nor should you, release every message you get. Skip the Accacia Berries and the friendly African Diplomats in need of your help.

2) Don't open anything that comes from YOU, it probably didn't!

3) The known virus files will never get to the digest so don't worry about that.


If you have questions send us an Email at the Help Desk

Mark Tech Support

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