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Welcome to the Teacher Help Pages

Taking Attendance

Elementary Gradebook Setup

Gradebook Setup

Report Cards and 5 Week Notices

Trouble Shooting Grading Issues

Please email the help desk with other problems as they occur and we will post solutions for everyone.

Connecting With Parents and Students Through Power School and Google Sites

Parents and Students can be directed to worksheets and full teacher web sites through Power School from within your grade book.

The following pages can be used to help you set up the connections.

TEACH Registration (done every 5 years)

Using Google Sites

End of Marking Period Changes

The Grading Process


Using Old Regents Scores

M86 Filter

Individual Report

Reports Tab Missing

Missing Work Report

Student Attendance under Admin

New Regents Grades

Local Exam Term E1

Publishing Grades

Wrong Grade Scale

HS Comments

Kindergarten Standards Grading

Exporting Rosters to Excel

Roster Verification Login

Elementary Attendance

Elementary Attendance 2013

Fire Drill Rosters

Parent Access Letters

Kindergarten Grades

Speech Therapy Attendance

Changing Grade after Report Card

Calibre eReader

Calibre Home Directory

Groupwise Junk Mail

ScoreSheet & Report

Open PDF's in Firefox

End of Year Dates

Castle Learning English

Google Drive Replaces Thumb Drive

email connection information

Getting Organized

Caste Learning Online

Beds Day

Beds Day Account Reset >>> Account Delete

Email Management

Clearing Incompletes

Test Average

Regents Weighting Zero

Creating a Groupwise Mailing List

State Data Collection

Transfer Student Grades

Save to the H drive


email Archive



TEACH Registration

Clear FireFox Cache

Bullet Proof Grade Setup

Adding Web Site Link in Gradebook

Report Card Checklist

AR Quiz Delete

ES Category Weighting

Adding Assignments Links

Class Agenda


Mimio Lesson1


Hide M7

Version 11 Help

Version 11 Login

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