Mr. Newman was grateful for the letters and packages he received from home, which helped pass the time while he was in the military.

Write a letter to someone in the military today, an American serviceman or woman who's currently away from home and who would appreciate hearing from you.

Your letter can include information about yourself (but use the school's address instead of your home address, please!) or you can just write to thank them for what they're doing for the safety of our country. For a list of places where you can send your letter, Click Here.

You can also design a CARE package for these servicemen and women...think about what things they might like to receive while they're away from home. (But remember, don't send any food that might spoil before they can get it!) For places you can send a care package, suggestions on what to send, and a list of items you shouldn't send, Click Here.

You can also help military personnel stay in contact with their families by raising money for Operation Uplink, which helps provide pre-paid phone cards to servicemen and women. For more information, Click Here.