It does not sound pleasent and it may have unintended consequences.

Before we begin...


Is there a difference between www.albionk12.org and albionk12.org ?

The answer is yes and it is a huge one. www.albionk12.org is where the web site actually exists. It is different from powerschool.albionk12.org or mail.albionk12.org...

www is a sub domain of the albionk12.org domain. it is specific to the web server, Powerschool is another sub domain of albionk12.org specifically for the PowerSchool server.

If we had just a web server, then we might be able to add both www.albionk12.org and albionk12.org to the same address, but because we have a number of servers they must have seperate sub domain names and addresses.

What is DNS?

DNS is like a phone book or Contact List, it links up a name to a phone number, or in this case an IP address.

On the internet there are huge DNS Servers that keep track of all Internet Addresses and the Names that these addresses are known by.

You type http://www.google.com into a browser address bar and the browser does a DNS request, asking, "Where do I find http://www.google.com?"

A nearby DNS server send back an answer www.google.com is at ###.###.###.### where the IP address of www.google.com is located.

Too quicken the pace your computer / phone orhome router, may keep a small DNS list for it self so it does not have to go looking for an Address.

Since the IP address of the old web site is the one we have reused for our internal tech support page. You computer / phone / router may have this address linked to www.albionk12.org.

We have shut down this IP address for a couple of weeks hoping that when your equipment could not find a page at this address it would look up a new address. If yopu are still having problems then the address is stuck somewhere.

Some comand line help:

On Windows Machine version 7 or 10 you need to go to a Command prompt c:> and type ipconfig /flushdns then shutdown the computer and restart, it. This should remove the old aaddress for www.albionk12.org and allow the computer to look up a new address.

On you phone or router or mac. you will have to "google" flushing the DNS on your device.